About Us


Vitamins, a lifestyle clothing brand from the house of Sangam Dresses Pvt. Ltd., laid its bearing in the year 2000. A Registered Trademark of Sangam Dresses Pvt. Ltd., Vitamins caters to the fashion needs of  kids age 1 - 14 years.

Strutting down the memory lane, Sangam Dresses Pvt. Ltd. began under the ownership of Mr. R.B.Nishar in the early 60's as a girl's kids wear with the purpose of bedecking young & fashionably conscious little girls with apparels, dresses and frocks that were in vogue, classic and above all providing value for money.

Partaking from these values for last three decades, the brand today stands strong. The brand has expanded itself into the entire kids range category.


To deliver high quality fashionable clothes, the ones that are made accessible to everyone. Clothes that make kids look & feel great. To increase the accessibility quotient, we aim at putting up flagship stores across the country along with shop in shops in some large format stores.



To improve & strengthen our own organization by fortifying its commercial and marketing divisions. This would be made possible by reinforcing the values of our brand and the philosophy of management, which continue to be fundamental to the success of the business today. "Our objectives are like our dreams; they know no limit."

The Journey

As they say, 'After all, the journey of a worthwhile destination is even more worthwhile.' The following is the chronological representation of the journey called 'Vitamins.'

Description: It's from here that journey begun!  Sangam Dresses at khetwadi

It's from here that journey begun! Sangam Dresses at Khetwadi, Mumbai


Description: (From left to right) Rupshi Bahrmal Nishar, Velgi Thoban Gala, Champak .K. Shah

(From left to right) Rupshi Bahrmal Nishar, Velgi Thoban Gala, Champak .K. Shah


Description: Premji  Samji Chheda

Premji Samji Chheda



  • 4 partners – Mr. Rupshi Bharmal Nishar who owned cutlery shop, Mr. Velgi Thoban Gala; owner of a grocery shop, Mr. Premji Samji Chheda; a venture capitalist and Mr. Champak. K. Shah a Marketing wizard formed the partnership deed
  • Together they invested in a 1500 sq ft property in Khetwadi (Mumbai)
  • Then they decided on the age group of their target audience from new-born to 11 years
  • They started with manufacturing of frocks for girls
  • This gave birth to Sangam Dresses, the name with which the partners registered the company
  • Gradually the company started manufacturing boys infant wear
  • As the demand for party wear frocks had risen, the production of boys infant wear ceased


  • The partnership deed got dissolved
  • Mr. Rupshi Bharmal Nishar took over the entire business and started the sole proprietorship firm
  • His two sons – Mr. Mansukh Nishar; an SSC pass out and Mr. Narendra Nishar with an educational background of diploma in Manmade Textile Technology joined the business
  • The business started growing and soon the brand became well known in the frocks category

(1992-2000) :-

  • Started the manufacturing of Tops and Bottoms for girls
  • Debuted into high fashion arena with the introduction of a brand called Vitamins
  • Began production of Casual Wear for girls and divided the category into two- new-born to 4 years and 5 to 14 years

(2000-2010) :-

  • The proprietorship firm got converted into the Private Limited company - Sangam Dresses Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mr. Ojas Nishar son of Mr. Mansukh Nishar made a foray into the family business
  • Major brand building activities were undertaken
  • The brand got a 'fashionable' identity with a punch line "I AM FASHION"
  • The production quality improved to be on par with the international standards
  • The company diversified into different category with a launch of accessories


With the passage of almost good 50 years Vitamins has grown into an organization that not only has reputable front end in the market but also boasts of a strong & powerful back end that includes 5 state of art manufacturing units spread across entire Mumbai which, can meet huge production requirements at any given point of time. These units employ not less than 200 workers that form the crux of the organization. 'Employees make the organization', ours is no exception to it! With this well-equipped units & dedicated workforce in place we have been able to achieve a production capacity of 50,000 pieces per month.

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Our team of fashion designers consists of some of the most calibrated and talented individuals from the fashion industry. The innovative ideas and perfection ridden work done by the Marketing team, the Fabric Sourcing team & the Merchandisers at Vitamins is truly amazing.

The Production unit is calibrated in such a way that it can meet any time deadline and that every product can be scanned thoroughly by our Quality check team.

Brand Essence

We interpret each season with an eye for visual optimism. At Vitamins, we design for those who inspire us. We manufacture and distribute our own products. For many years we have endeavored to know our customers’ real needs and have given them those products that suit their needs. We are known for our creativity, colors, high quality, modest prices, and elegant style which makes our entire range of products a must have. We hand pick each piece of fabric for our products. Our desire is to bring the most beautiful clothing, for your kids, direct to your door.